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Custom Furniture Pricing

Creating high-end furniture in low volume is, by definition, a labour intensive process.

During the initial consultation and design phases we spend considerable time interpreting your ideas, exploring and analysing options, defining and refining concepts into coherent images.

Then, while building your furniture, we employ meticulous techniques to ensure the piece will be worthy of a place of honour in your home, as well as of the Eidos name. Hand-cut dovetails. Resawn lumber cut into thin strips for bent laminations and sinuous lines. Bookmatched veneer on curved surfaces. These techniques add beauty and value to your furniture, but they unavoidably add expense as well.

Certain structural features also add expense. It takes longer to design and build a table with centre extensions or side leaves than it does a table with a solid top. Curved elements are more expensive than straight elements.

While labour is a greater factor than material in the cost of custom furniture, some materials are more expensive than others. Rare and exotic woods such as Lacewood, Ebony, Cuban Mahogany, Satinwood, and Zebrawood add to the cost.

Eidos furniture appreciates in value. Each signed and numbered piece is an investment that will appeal to collectors and dealers while providing you with an heirloom for future generations.

How much will your project cost? As you can understand, that's impossible to say before we've had a chance to discuss it with you. We'll be able to give you a rough cost estimate during our initial consultation and a detailed cost breakdown after completing the design phase.

Contact Eidos today. Let us show you the value of our custom fine furniture.

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  In addition to national and international services, we can provide local services to customers in the following areas (and surrounding regions): Waterloo • Kitchener • Barrie • Brantford • Cambridge • Guelph • Hamilton • London • Milton • Mitchell • Ontario • Oshawa • Oxford • Perth • Rockwood • St. Marys • Stratford • Toronto • Woodstock