Eidos Design Studio
Eidos Design Studio

Custom Furniture for Your Condo & Loft

Apartment condos and lofts present unique challenges: the limited space of the condo and the open concept of the loft, often incorporating a home office into the mix. Eidos views these as exciting opportunities to create purpose-driven furniture that is both practical and pleasing.

Through a careful blending of tone and style we craft specific pieces for unique spaces. Employing ingenious designs and our broad palette of materials, we create focal points to direct the eye, helping to give even a small room an expansive feel.

Materials and colours can be chosen to contrast with other elements in the room, or to blend in, depending on the desired effect. Tone and patterns can be adjusted to make a room appear larger, or to give it a cozy feel.

Practical considerations such as the layout and dimensions of the room often dictate that we maximize efficient use of space. This may mean scaling a piece to fit a specific area, or it may call for a multi-function piece such as a wall-bed, a cabinet that doubles as a room divider, or an ottoman with hidden storage drawers.

Our chic designs combine classic tastes with modern sensibilities, evoking a retro-modern look reminiscent of the late 50s and early 60s, yet blending perfectly with the urban 21st century lifestyle. In all cases we abide by our fundamental principle to deliver furniture that reflects your unique tastes and personality.

Contact Eidos and let us help you discover the possibilities in your home.

  Eidos Design Studio - Custom Furniture Design & Production
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  In addition to national and international services, we can provide local services to customers in the following areas (and surrounding regions): Waterloo • Kitchener • Barrie • Brantford • Cambridge • Guelph • Hamilton • London • Milton • Mitchell • Ontario • Oshawa • Oxford • Perth • Rockwood • St. Marys • Stratford • Toronto • Woodstock