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The foundation for most of Eidos' work is, of course, wood. However, wood offers such a broad spectrum of colours, texture, grain, and figure that we're given a rich pallet with which to craft unique and distinctive pieces for our customers.

There are the staples of furniture-making: Oak and Alder, Maple and Pine. But we can also choose from fine blonde Aspen and from rich dark Walnut. Madrone exhibits an exquisitely intricate figure, while Red Pine is smooth and even. Angel Step, often seen in Maple and Walnut, displays curls in the grain, caused when the tree grew in a spiral fashion rather than straight.

One Wood, Many Possibilities ...

From a single tree it's possible to obtain heartwood and sapwood which may exhibit distinct differences in colour and texture. How the wood is cut -- quartersawn, riftsawn, or plainsawn -- also influences the appearance of the grain and figure.

Even imperfections in wood can often be used to advantage. For example, knots and the surrounding grain that could simply be excised as undesirable may be used and enhanced, adding to the interesting figure of the wood and the overall aesthetic value of the piece. Another example is "Wormy" Chestnut. Often reclaimed from historic barns, this wood is characterized by old saw and axe marks, and by the scars of insect infestation. It's this distinctive distressed appearance that makes it a favourite for rustic furniture. Likewise, Ambrosia Maple displays streaks of colour through the wood caused by beetle larvae. (Don't worry; there are no worms left in "Wormy" Chestnut, and no beetle larvae in Ambrosia Maple!)

Of course, you're not restricted to a single wood. Light and dark species can be combined, such as an Ash inlay on Walnut, producing fascinating visual effects. The lighter Ash appears closer while the darker Walnut appears further away, creating a unique depth of field.

Enhancing Nature ...

Whatever wood you choose, we can often adjust its colour as well as enhance its natural grain through the careful use of stains, dyes, and oils. Stains, applied first, give the wood a uniform colour but may obscure the grain. Dyes, with a smaller molecular size, absorb into the wood, opening the cells, so the stain applied after penetrates deeper. This enhances the grain, highlighting the three-dimensional aspect of the wood, adding warmth and depth.

For finishing, we may use lacquer or oil. We apply lacquer in multiple light coats, hand-sanding between each coat to ensure a clear, transparent finish that highlights the grain while avoiding the plastic look common with poorly applied lacquer.

In helping you choose a wood for your project, we'll consider not just how it will look today, but how it will look five years or a decade from today. This is because each species of wood exhibits a unique patina, the gradual change in colour as the wood ages and as it reacts to ultraviolet light.

Wood is also the starting point for Veneers, further increasing the range of our pallet and the myriad choices available to you.

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