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Each room in your home is an expression not just of that room's function, but of your own character and personality. Commissioning an item of custom furniture for that room is therefore a very personal process. Further, as you've seen from the Eidos site, the array of choices in styles and materials can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, we've designed a commissioning process that makes the experience easy and enjoyable. Our Principal Craftsman, Glenn Ward, will work with you to clarify your ideas, define your requirements, and harmonize the options with your expectations.

This is not simply an estimating process in which a builder may take a few measurements and then tell you how much your project will cost. It is, rather, a collaborative exploration during which we seek to discover your distinctive character and personality, and determine how we can reflect and reveal your character through the medium of fine furniture. We do this using as much or as little of our own artistic interpretation as you choose.

From Concept To Design ...

To facilitate this process, we encourage you to keep a scrapbook of ideas. This may include pictures clipped from magazines, wood samples, colour swatches, notes and sketches about styles and tastes. Include notes about your own thoughts concerning the piece, the room, and how it will be used.

For example, suppose you're commissioning a dining room table.

How many people do you expect to seat?
Will you want the size of the table to be adjustable with removable sections or drop leaves?
How will the table look when occupying a large portion of the room? Will the room appear cramped?
Are there existing pieces in the room the table should complement?
How will the table appear under different lighting: incandescent, sunlight, candlelight?
What feelings do you want the room to convey: formal, cozy, relaxed?

To help you through this process, Glenn schedules a series of informal meetings with you. Ideally, these will be in-person discussions held in your home so we can get a feel for the environment in which the piece will reside. However, we can hold these meetings by phone and email if necessary. The result of these discussions is a written project proposal including a sketch of the piece, notes about materials, and an estimated timeline and cost.

When you're ready to proceed to the design stage we require a deposit of 10% of the estimated total cost. Upon receipt of your deposit we prepare detailed design drawings and specifications. Since it can be difficult to fully visualize the piece from two-dimensional drawings, we may also provide a scale model or a full-scale rough mock-up.

From Design To Substance ...

Once we complete the design to your satisfaction, and after receiving a 50% deposit on the remaining cost, we're ready to move on to the build phase. Here we carefully select only the finest lumber and other materials and then hand-craft your furniture with a painstaking attention to detail. Your furniture is complete only after it passes our rigourous final inspection, at which time we deliver it to you via experienced movers.

Expect the entire process, from initial consultation to delivery of the finished piece, to take 8 to 10 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the project. Final payment is due on delivery of the finished piece.

Use the Request Form on our Contact page to begin the commissioning process today.

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